Miaouw Library

The Miaouw Library contains utility classes for the Maemo development, such as a kinetic scrolling widget that can be used as a drop-in replacement for the GtkScrolledWindow. The source code is released under GNU Lesser General Public Licence, version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1). The library is used in the Mauku application and works in both IT OS 2007 (Bora) and 2008 (Chinook).


MiaouwScrolledWindow (derived from GtkScrolledWindow)

  • Implements drag scrolling and kinetic scrolling.
  • Can be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing GtkScrolledWindow.

MiaouwWindow (derived from HildonWindow)

  • Built-in support for the hard keys: fullscreen, zoom in/out, and d-pad.
  • Can be configured to directly change the font size of text widgets.
  • The D-pad keys can be attached to any scroll adjustments.

MiaouwBox (derived from GtkContainer)

  • Similar container than the GtkBox but simpler.
  • More suitable when childs are added on to the start or to the middle of the container.
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal orientations.

MiaouwEventBox (derived from GtkBin)

  • Similar than the GtkEventBox but provides capturing event model.
  • In GTK+, events are delivered first to child widgets, which may stop their propagation to parent widgets (propagate up, bubbling phase).
  • The MiaouwEventBox captures events before those are delivered to childs (propagate down, capturing phase).

MiaouwGestureEventBox (derived grom GtkEventBox)

  • An event box that interprets simple (mouse / pointer / stylus / finger) gestures.

Other functionality

  • Backtrace uploader catches segmentation faults and uploads backtrace information to a configured server using the featured miaouw-backtrace-uploader application.
  • Event handler support provides a hook for custom event handlers called before the default GTK+ event handler.

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Developers need to use the dev package while compiling their applications against the library. See the Download Miaouw Library page.


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